Northern Data Systems Pump Controller with Alarm Autodialer.

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• 1, 2 or 3 Pump Control
• Fail Safe HOA Switches
• Elapsed Time Meters
• Floats, Bubbler, Transducer Inputs
• Pump Alternation
• 240 & 480 VAC 3-Phase Monitor
• Alarm Light, Horn, Silence Control
• 4 x 20 Character LCD & Keypad
• 14 Unique Alarm Dial-out Events
• Dials up to 4 Telephone Numbers
• Factory Recorded Voice Messages
• Touch Tone Sequence Acknowledgement
• Integrated Power Supply
• Integrated Battery Back-up & Charger
• Uses Standard Dial-up Phone Line

The Total Control Unit (T2000) is a simple and easy-to-use microprocessor based controller that provides level control via pressure transducer or float switches. The T2000 can be configured for pump down, or pump up control, making it ideal for both lift stations and tank/well applications. An integrated Autodialer provides alarm event notification via standard dial up telephone line connection.

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EZ SCADA is a small, economical, SCADA or wireless Telemetry communication system featuring easy to use and install hardware.